Система контроля доступа и охранная сигнализация (СКД и ОС)

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AVATRI offers a comprehensive system of security alarm and access control, which consists of a set of centrally controlled components that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of various facilities

Access Control
& Security Systems


Organizational threats and risks are growing and changing always. The requirements for security management solutions have become a standard, not an exception. Solutions for access control from Siemens, such as SIPORT - are scalable and up-to-date, so there is no need to install a new system due to changes in the requirements of your business. For example: if you need to increase the number of monitored rooms, or you want to upgrade an existing system. On the other hand, with a security management system like Siveillance Fusion, we can protect and restrict access in various situations, constantly providing control and security


1. Interfaces of control systems (eg Siveillance Fusion, Siveillance Vantage)

2. Flexible and scalable hardware architecture

3. Modular software reduces costs

4. Corporate solutions for international companies

5. Card personalization system

6. Tracking people in real time

7. Siemens solutions meet international quality standards

8. Risk analysis for designing an effective system at the required level of security

9. Easy integration with open interfaces

Access control system

Siemens SiPass

Siemens offers a wide range of scalable solutions of varying complexity, from single door equipment to large facilities with special requirements.

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Security alarm


The alarm system is one of the most important components of the facility security system. The main task of the system is the timely detection and suppression of attempts to penetrate the territory of the facility. Secondary tasks of the system are fixing cases of violation of order by visitors, employees of the organization and the facts of emergency or spontaneous damage to the integrity of the perimeter.

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