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Room automation meets high demands when designing modern hotels. The control system should include not only the maintenance of a certain climate in the room, but it should also control access of visitors with the help of smart readers and access cards. In this case, the information on the status of rooms must come to the special software, due to which the interaction of the operating personnel with the automation system is greatly simplified. In the event of an alarm situation (unauthorized access, water leakage, hypothermia), service personnel immediately receive an emergency message and can take action in the shortest possible time. An important factor is also the appearance and functionality of the room devices with which the guests interact - both the convenience of the interface and the design (decorative frame, the color of the module). In addition, in some cases, integration with existing PMS systems (for example, Fidelio) is required.

HARS Devices

Hardware components of the HARS system are represented by various devices that fully support the room operation:

Controllers HARS.Cхх

In the HARS system, there are several controllers that are designed for installation in hotel rooms (for example, in room automation panels) and provide climate control and access control. Depending on the application, the following devices can be selected:

-HARS.C20 -controller with standard application for room management

- HARS.C20DK - similar to the C20, but with an interface for the Daikin system

- HARS.C27 - controller with advanced features for additional light control

- HARS.C10 - slave controller for additional room numbers

- HARS.C02 - access controller to public areas

All controllers (except C02) are mounted on a DIN rail and contain a set of input / output terminals for connecting peripheral devices - actuators, sensors, room modules, holders and card readers.

Room units

Room units are what each guest of the hotel works with. For these devices not only functionality is important, but also the appearance. In the HARS system, room modules can be installed with decorative frames of different manufacturers (Vimar Idea / Plana / Eikon, Gewiss Playbus / Chorus, AVE Sistema45, Merlin Gerin Unica, Master MODO, BTicino Living), which provides maximum flexibility in choosing a design.

Each room can be equipped with the following room devices:


- Card reader (outside the room near the front door).

- Card holder - the system recognizes the card and determines who entered the room.

- Room modules for climate control. Designed to select the setpoint, fan coil speed, and also contain additional SOS and MuR keys. Also there is a module with a touch screen.

- Room modules for lighting control, allowing to control several groups of light.


HARS Software

 The HARS SW software is designed for quick and exceptionally convenient management of hotel rooms. This software does not require a complex installation and can be transferred from one computer to another at any time.


The main functions of HARS SW:


- Climate monitoring in the rooms - temperatures, settings, operating modes of climate systems

- Create, change and delete cards for guests and staff

- Continuous control of the movement of staff around the hotel (maids, attendants, receptionist, administrators)

- Monitoring of alarm situations in rooms - water leakage, unauthorized access, SOS signal

- Logging of events with the possibility of subsequent export

It is also possible to integrate HARS with other systems - BMS and PMS