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The automation and management system offered by us is the core of an intelligent building and represents a hardware-software complex that collects, stores and analyzes data from various building systems, as well as it controls the operation of these systems through network controllers (processors)



Thanks to Siemens equipment and solutions for ventilation systems, your house will be provided with fresh air, while you will also be able to control all air exchange processes, creating comfortable microclimate in every room

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Conditioning System


Air conditioning is carried out by a complex of technical means, called air conditioning system (ACS). The structure of ACS includes technical means of air intake, preparation of necessary conditions (filters, heat exchangers, humidifiers or dehumidifiers), circulation (fans) and its distribution, as well as means of cooling and heat supply, automation, remote management and control. ACS of large public, administrative and production buildings are serviced, as a rule, by complex automated control systems.

An automated air-conditioning system maintains a predetermined state of air in circulation, regardless of fluctuations in the environmental parameters (atmospheric conditions).

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Heating Supply


Automation of heat supply systems includes regulation (in particular, stabilization) of parameters, control of equipment and units operation (remote, local), protection and blocking of them, control and measurement of resources, telemechanization of control and measurement control. Automation of heat supply systems provides high quality management of individual facilities as a whole, increases the reliability and level of operation of heat supply systems, contributes to the saving of energy, material and labor resources.

The automation of the ITP makes it possible to maintain the required heat supply parameters, to reduce the consumption of thermal energy by weather compensation, to diagnose the operation of the equipment and the system as a whole, to detect an emergency situation and to take measures to reduce damage from this contingency.

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