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Solutions of AVATRI for automation and management of building process equipment are based primarily on the products of SIEMENS Building Technologies, one of the world's leading companies in this field. The exception is the power supply, lighting and services systems that are implemented with specialized products of the SIEMENS IA & DT department - Instabus EIB (KNX)


DESIGO INSIGHT is an automation and control system for process equipment and safety systems. Integration of all systems provides additional comfort, safety of energy utilization. Obtaining all the information in a single center allows to increase the efficiency of the operating personnel and, as a result, to reduce the costs for operations of the building.

DESIGO is a system of freely programmable automation stations (controllers) and control stations (management), for a full range of applications in the field of automation for buildings.


By help of such functions as alarms routing, adaptation of work schedules and logging of trends, the DESIGO system becomes a multi-purpose asset of the building.


Innovative WEB technology, high-performance databases and open communication make DESIGO a financially competent investment in terms of long-term prospects.

Example of intelligent building management system (BMS)

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DESIGO consistently supports open communications, which facilitate connection of a variety of equipment serving buildings, based on standard open data interfaces:

  • –  BACnet for the network of the room automation level and integration of additional systems.

  • –  LONWORKS and Konnex (KNX) S-mode (Instabus EIB) for automation of premises and integration of additional systems.

  • –  M bus, Modbus, OPC and other interfaces for universal integration of third-party devices and systems

    The main components of the DESIGO system are:

    1. DESIGO INSIGHT - control station for monitoring, with graphical display of processes, automatic distribution of alarm messages, extensive data processing capabilities for standard protocols.
    2. DESIGO PX - automation stations for control and monitoring of systems. Possibility of management and monitoring via the Internet using PX-WEB.
    3. DESIGO TX-I / O modules provide the interface of automation stations with peripheral equipment
    4. DESIGO RX: room automation system for providing comfortable microclimate and controlling lighting and blinds in individual rooms.
    5. DESIGO OPEN - the ability to integrate various third-party systems into any levels of the DESIGO system.
    6. DESIGO S7 extends the capabilities of the DESIGO system using SIMATIC S7 automation stations for infrastructure related applications with BACnet / IP communication

    Detailed information

    1. Desigo System Overview
    2. Desigo Room Automation TRA
    3. Desigo PX - Overview
    4. HARS - hotel room management system
    5. Additional system components
    6. Extended optional system components
    7. Communication opportunities
    8. Open system

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