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AVATRI offers solutions based on SIEMENS automation tools for managing technological, production and business processes of enterprises and companies.

Building Management
Systems - DESIGO CC


Safe working environment

Optimal comfort

Integrated control

Ease of maintenance

Constant optimization

Complete solution

Standard open protocols








5 panels displaying systems and viewing trends

The user interface is designed to display all current information without overlapping windows.The same user interface and functionality in the browser or in the Windows App.



The library contains a set of smart graphics templates for typical applications

The graphic library contains 3D objects of the elements of the floor plan for better visualization of key areas. Provides quick access to subsystems when viewing the floor plan.

AutoCAD import utility allows you to import ACAD files for display on a mimic. The selected ACAD drawings are converted to graphic objects that can be scaled.


Automatic event-handling  procedures


If you use the "automatic start" option for the handling procedure, in case of an event, the system will automatically display detailed event information on the screen corresponding to the schedule and video cameras without the need for additional operator actions.


The following video surveillance functions are supported:

Viewing live video, recording, playback

Displaying multiple cameras

Status and commands

Preset positions and PTZ

Remote control of video monitors

Video events and processing

Diagnostic information from video devices

Use video view as a step in the event processing procedure

Maximum video system size:

It was tested for 512 cameras

Twenty-five clients were tested, each using 32 independent threads 

Access Control System

Integration of SiPass integrated provides the ability to view events and send commands related to the access control system from DesigoCC.


Supported functionality:

Door control

Areas of antipassback

Status display

Device Monitoring

Sending commands to devices

Locking / Unlocking

Handling Access Control Events


Supported Subsystem:

SiPassintegrated 2.65 SP2