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AVATRI offers solutions based on SIEMENS automation tools for managing technological, production and business processes of enterprises and companies.

Totally Integrated

Комплексное распределение электроэнергии

In modern buildings, equipped with complex life-support systems, consuming large amount of heat and electricity, energy saving has become an urgent need. After all, to maintain the necessary comfort conditions, in accordance with the current sanitary standards, you can spend much less energy than it usually does. Therefore, the "smart" automation system can and should solve the problem of saving energy, but not at the expense of comfortable conditions. You can achieve savings only by fulfilling the basic condition: to supply energy to the facilities in strict accordance with the actual need.

Power distribution


Решения ООО "Аватри" по автоматизации и диспетчеризации инженерного оборудования зданий базируется в первую очередь на продуктах департамента SIEMENS Building Technologies, одного из ведущих мировых лидеров в этой области. Исключение составляютсистемы электроснабжения, освещения и сервисов которые выполняются на специализированных продуктах департамента SIEMENS IA & DT - Instabus EIB (KNX)

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Solutions of AVATRI for automation and management of building process equipment are based primarily on the products of SIEMENS Building Technologies, one of the world's leading companies in this field. The exception is the power supply, lighting and services systems that are implemented with specialized products of the SIEMENS IA & DT department - Instabus EIB (KNX)