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AVATRI offers a complex video surveillance system consisting of a set of centrally managed components that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of various facilities



The video surveillance system performs three important functions:


- Preventive function

- Direct monitoring / tracking function

- Function of identification


The preventive function of the video surveillance system is that the presence of operating cameras often turns people from committing crimes. With the help of the monitoring function, you can control the entire territory of the facility - commercial or public - and react quickly to what is happening, and the tracking function allows you to monitor the behavior of a potentially dangerous visitor. If the crime is still committed, an archive of CCTV camera records will come to the aid, which can be used to identify a criminal.

In addition, thanks to CCTV cameras, an operator can coordinate actions of personnel or special services during emergencies.


Thus, the importance of a video surveillance system can not be overemphasized. With its help you can control the quality of customer service, record the facts of theft, vandalism, violation of order, etc.

Depending on the goals, different  by structure and characteristics types of cameras are used:

-      modular

-      dome-type

-      contolled

-      anti-vandal

-      mini-videocameras

-      framed

-      hydrostabilized


Result of cameras operation can be watched either from your office (if you have a small office) or from the control room (security point), and remotely - via the Internet. With the help of video switches, images from multiple cameras are output to one controller monitor, and modern multi-channel DVRs allow recording information from several cameras simultaneously. 

Video Surveillance System

Siemens building technologies

The integrated security surveillance system Siemens consists of a set of centrally managed objects that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different facil

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