Air-freight terminal, KOLTSOVO

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Air-freight terminal,KOLTSOVO Ekaterinburg

Total area-19 185m2

•Project study

•Basic & Detail Design

•Software Development

•Procurement and Manufacturing

•Erection and Supervision

•Commissioning and Tests

•Staff training

BMS- Building management system based on SiemensDesigo Insight software

HVAC management systems based on Siemens solutions

CCTV- Video surveillance

Management station Desigo Insight 

Equipment: Siemens Building Technologies

Building Management System - Siemens Desigo Insight

Monitoring station Citect Fatilities

Software Vijeo Citect Facilities Server - 2500 points

Panels PXM20-E operator with BACnet interface through Ethernet / IP PXM-20E

Modular Controller PXC100-E.D up to 200 data points - 4 pcs.

Controller PXC36-E.D 36 data points - 2 pcs.

Controller PXC22-E.D 22 data points - 1 pc.

The temperature sensor channel - 16 pcs.

Differential Air Pressure Sensor - 44 pcs.

Pressure sensor - 13 pieces.

Temperature sensor - 11 pieces.

Damper actuators - 21 pieces.

Automation Panels - 2 pcs.

Ventilation control Panels  - 8 pcs.

ITP Panels - 1 pc.