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The construction market occupies a leading position in the portfolio and provides serious requirements to execution of any project in the field of construction. Management of construction projects is exactly the moment that can not be bypassed. AVATRI offers its own options for management solutions, regardless of their focus and complexity.

AVATRI project managers combine design, procurement and construction (EPC) activities to meet the customer's expectations.

AVATRI unites the activities of all contractors and subcontractors, often from different backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the entire program.

AVATRI is regarded as one of the best contractors for projects and management programs of companies in the construction market. The company is recognized for its ability to implement projects safely, on time and within budget. One of the reasons customers choose AVATRI is its ability to provide all the necessary services in a complex, eliminating the need for several consultants. This ability changes the appearance of the program management. Certified specialists of the company offer services and support in the design, construction, production, procurement, project management, safety, quality and operation and maintenance.

AVATRI uses 1C: Project management as a tool for project management functions in different locations in accordance with the company's general requirements. 1C operational management systems are used in all divisions of the company to ensure the consistency of each project. This allows employees to access technical information and resolve problems anywhere in the world.


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